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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and nancy >> mark: good morning and thank you for joining us on this tuesday july 3rd the top stories we are falling right now, a massive for a long fire breaks out in san francisco. arson investigators are on the scene. and police are moving in on protesters at an oakland elementary school that is slated for closure. we are live right now and you can be paying a lot more for your pg&e bill. i will tell you why the utility company wants to increase your rates. >> darya: there is a big fire in san francisco. we are there live to take a look at the damage and who the fax right now. >> mark: --
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>> about 90 people were forced to evacuate the fire department still here to worry about the hot spots and most of the residents have been allowed to return. as you can see, there are three buildings to the left- hand side in one building to the right hand side of the screen. there's a woman that lived in one of the buildings, her home was destroyed now let us talk about what you heard this morning until the fire started at 38 am what did you hear? >> at 3:00 a.m. i was awakened by my mother she said that there was a fire. i walked out from my bedroom and looked into the living room and you could see the fire shooting out through the house that is actually completely gone right now. >> you provided a cellphone video of what you shot. you hope everyone up. >> i will everyone up i got them out of the house.
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>> did you hear any signs that will queue up--did you hear any sounds that will be of was the smoke detector? >> it was actually the sounds. this happened to me in 2009 of around july 4th. >> now the pleas to someone away in their car they're not saying if it is the suspect but you say it is squatters. >> yes, prior to the house burning down a 2009 we have had numerous squatters and complaints with the city. this sunday that just passed they just arrested someone here. after that, that
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evening i guess people came in and started cleaning up that house. there were like hammering things and to the wall and stuff like that i was not sure of what was going on. >> we are sorry for your loss, but we are happy that you are live. i am not sure if this fire was started by a squad of edison as i know that i'll let you know. now the investigators believe the fire is suspicious because it started in a vacant building they got here a few minutes after getting the call. when they got here the top floor in the bottom floor were completely engulfed. they say that is a little too fast for a building so we will have to wait to see as we continue to investigate how the fire started. they are backing off on any injuries to talk about one person being injured but not the case. fortunately no fatalities, no entry than most of the people are back into their homes. >> darya: that poor woman,
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three years almost to the day that this happened that is unbelievable. >> she's very sad but she's trying to think on the bright side of things and leave her family is safe and other people are safe as well. the red cross says because these are homes in the people have homeowner's insurance they say they will not be needed to provide any hotels in the meantime. >> mark: a quick update on the area and traffic let us get a quick update. >> james: we are starting off with some low clouds and patchy fog but some decent breaks of blue. the sun is now up and beginning to warm up in to the mid-50s. this afternoon look for a lot more sunshine the temperatures will raise to the '70s and '80s and even the '90s. we will keep the mainly clear as we head into the overnight hour, this is a youthful looking day tomorrow is almost exactly like this.
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>> george: here is a quick commute check there are both pretty light right now and so sure commute through the south bay and the peninsula is clear for 101 and 280. >> mark: a another developing story out of oakland police moving in on a lake view elementary school this morning in an effort to disperse the crowd of protesters mainly parents who have been camped out for more than two weeks trying to keep the schools from closing. they say it was necessary to call the authorities to disperse the protesters as a dish to prepare to move forward by using the campus as a minister of purposes. they say most have cooperated in leaving but those that choose not to cooperate will be taken into custody. the the all the patrol cars outside this morning. now
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you can see many of the parents packing up and leaving. we are hearing from jackie cecil who has been on the scene, some plan to stay and be arrested. >> darya: your pg&e the a couple--your bill could go up as high as $12 per month. the company wants to raise rates by $2 billion over three years. >> darya: any rate hike must be approved by the waters commission. >> justine: right now california highway patrol officers are testing a helicopter rescue of a loss
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and injured hiker. this is happening in napa county, chp officers plan to make the rescue efforts flight this morning. >> justine: he has been there since monday, we are hearing that the hijacker is hurt. the chp will be using the helicopter rescue equipment. the injuries are not believed to be life- threatening. authorities have been in contact with him and will keep you updated on the developing story on the kron4 ones. >> mark: a jury could decide the verdict as early as today in the case of a man accused of beating a retired priest. the man says the that father lender rate him and his little brother back in 1974 he was 7 and his little brother was 4 years old. he says that the abuse destroyed his life. lynch
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has admitted to punching the priest and here's what the attorney had to say about the case. >> of what i try to show is that realistically this is a case where one person came in and told the truth, specifically told the truth. the other was a coward and refused to come in and testify. that in itself shows the unfairness of the prosecution. >> we focus on that abuse because it was important for them to understand. >> darya: dell has been set at half a million dollars for a fairfield church's pastor that is accused of molesting several children. he was arraigned yesterday in solano county court. they claim that he committed a lewd act on them when there were as young as 13 years old as far back as 1994. the
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district attorney says that the bail was set so high because he tried to dissuade one of the victims from talking. he did not enter a plea at the arraignment but he received a stay away order his preliminary hearing is set for august. >> mark: we have a quick break. let us take a look at the fog. it looks like temperatures may warm-up a few degrees today.
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>> mark: the dow was up 16 points. we have the opening bell coming up. now we have worsened news coming out of europe. they have a 11.1 percent unemployment that means one is 17 and half million people are unemployed is the worst unemployment since its inception back in 1999. new information shows that the unemployment rate increase was over 50 percent. >> darya: we will be back
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with more in just a couple minutes, but just take a look outside at san jose. 101 looks like they have very light traffic and a lot of sunshine. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week, the farm comes to you. fresh sweet corn is an amazing 6 for a buck. arrowhead water is just $3.33 a case. and honey bunches of oats just $1.88 a box. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> mark: temperatures are
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rising in the persian gulf. iran's news agency says that the country has launched missiles and they say they are able to hit warships in the persian gulf. they do hold several maneuvers per year. this current into the beginning of the european union oil embargo to pressure the country over its nuclear program. >> darya: an explosion overnight and iraq leaves at least 25 people killed and 40 wounded. this happened 80 mi. south of baghdad when a vegetable truck exploded. no one immediately claimed the responsibility below lawmaker blamed the attack on insurgents from iraq. the obama and mr. shawn says that they are wanting to cut the
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--the u.s. nuclear weapons by possibly 1000. president obama says he believes the united states has more nuclear weapons than it needs and cutting these numbers could save billions of dollars. >> mark: we are following the latest out of the colorado while fires. officials say that the have actually stop the while fire from getting any bigger. here is the latest. nothing remaining just a few concrete walls. crews are now focusing on the hot spots burning near the 18,000 a.. there's not much left as you can see nearly 350 homes were lost. this is the worst fire in the history of colorado. they say could be two more weeks before they even have this under control. the fbi is not joining in search for clues of what started the fire. >> darya: utility crews are
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still trying to get the power back to about 1.8 million homes and businesses, nearly 2 million homes are without power. you can see all of the utility workers doing their best but a lot of people may have to spend their whole week, some neighborhoods may be painful week without utilities and that is because the company said they just cannot keep up and people are not very happy about that. >> we will get through this, it is rough especially with the heat on top of not having any power. >> we may go to a movie or a restaurant we can stand there for a long period of time. >> darya: the wave of heat and storms that hit starting on friday have been blamed for 18 deaths. several governors have declared states of emergency is at least 16 states are under he advisory's or warnings. >> mark: want to weather, it
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looks like we have some heat in the bay area. >> james: this is the walnut creek camera, and as people make their way through the valley. walnut creek, concord, especially the delta will see some of our warmest temperatures. >> james: oakland is in the mid-50s. as you can see antioch is the warmer spot at 60 degrees and the north bay has slipped into the upper 40's. >> james: now let us take a look at the map for the afternoons beginning and noon, we look at temperatures to the school at the coast of definitely warm and in with a mixture of '70s and '80s. as we push the clock to about 3:00 p.m., you will see the a degree temperatures began to grow. a lot of locations
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will see a lot of red towards the delta. you may even touched 90 degrees. take a look. it is going to be warm as we head down towards the valley. >> james: look for mid to upper '70's along the shoreline. we have any of that fairfield coming in and i degrees. it will be toasty and even warmer tomorrow. we have plenty of sunshine for the city in oakland. across the wine country it is low 80's in some spots. you will want to the upper 80s out near the napa valley but like i said, tomorrow it will be even more for your fourth of july holiday. q we are looking for partly cloudy skies with a force. we have 93 but the incident
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and even have some mid-70s and upper '70's around the bay. if you plan on participating were leaving the fireworks have beer looks like the with will be on your side for most locations like the fed san francisco will help with a better idea on the fall. -- fog. >> james: you can always watch the fireworks special beginning at 9:30 p.m.. >> george: will not tracking any problem for your morning commute ticket with the bridges at the start of bridge check west bound has no back up again. metering lights would normally have been activated in the have not been yet. your ride to the san mateo bridge looks good years highway 92. the stall that was on the right shoulder has been cleared. >> george: your golden gate bridge ride without delays 101 south bound both directions are moving just
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fine. we're picking up the traffic map to your ride on in the west. it is still delay freak. --the late freak. --delay free. >> darya: police working overnight were investing in hong invention and lead to a shooting in union city. it happened around 10:30 p.m. three people confirmed ted
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--three people confronted a 62 year-old woman a fight broke out the woman was shot her son was hit in the head the three people took off running in the police have not found them. >> mark: we have a quick break on the kron4 morning news with a live look outside. there is in the the fog around the bay. temperatures are starting to warm up. we have no big back up there. >> mark: for the fourth of july tomorrow, stay with us we have a great view of fireworks for you. we are the only local station to bring you fireworks alive-- live that starts tomorrow night right here on kron4.
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i'm a native californian.
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times are tough. our state's going through a tough time. but we can fix it. ♪ chevron's been here in california for 133 years. we work hard. we support 1 in 200 jobs in the state. we support each other. and we spent over $450 million dollars with local small businesses last year. and, together, we can keep this... we're committed. ...the great state of california. committed to california. ♪ >> mark: the opening bell on
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wall street is on the short trading day to day. a new, spun off from 70. if you like ball park franks, this is the new company that is trading. the markets will close tomorrow for the fourth of july. >> darya: now will be able to see the fourth of july plans? >> james: and then you will be find there is a chance of patchy fog in and around san francisco will have to wait to see how that develops the day of. here is what we are expecting for today is one to be sunny a little bit warmer temperatures in the '70s and '80s and tomorrow we have plenty of sunshine all around probably your warmest day of the week. the
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in and high temperatures are amassing out into the '90s. beyond that, we're looking for nice and dry mild weather in to the upcoming we can we have a full forecast straight ahead. >> george: here is to quickly check looked like conditions in the east bay. --look for light conditions in the east bay. >> darya: now let us get up to the developing story there was a big fire that affected several buildings what is going on will tran? >> right now they're worried about the hot spots the will to make sure that the building is safe enough for the fire investigators to go inside at this point there is no official cause of the fire that started at 3:00 a.m.. they do know that
6:32 am
this started one of the vacant homes on the left side of the street. >> it happened so quickly is for to the other home 4 people were living at the time fortunately fire detectors, or the sound of the fire itself will people up and they all ran out with no injuries and no fatalities. about 20 people had to evacuate input into city buses to keep warm. while the fire department put out the fire most of the people whose homes not affected are now allowed back inside. now i just got off the phone with the san francisco police department they have confirmed that they did take away 61 year- old man, they do not know he is a squatter, the people that live in this neighborhood said they have seen him before over the past couple of days. one woman said she saw him shortly before the fire happened and he has some kind of flammable device with him and then he disappeared. shortly after
6:33 am
that the fire started they do not know if in fact that was the cause of the firebug he's downtown and san francisco at the police headquarters being talked to at this time we're waiting to see if in fact he was the person that was arrested. now here is a woman that happen to be driving by the flames were so high she pulled over trying to help achieve said in the process she saw the suspect. >> right away i immediately picked up my cellphone and i called 911 i described the suspect that was leaving the scene because he was leaving and my girlfriend wanted to chase him and i said no because someone may be in the house and let us sit here to see if everyone gets out safely. it's the fire department about five minutes to get here and by the time they got here he definitely was not on the scene, here are the disappeared south bound somewhere. they came back
6:34 am
and minutes later with a lighter in his hand. >> at this point the police are not releasing any names. as you can see what home was really destroyed one home is declared destroyed in we will have to see if that number goes up hopefully it will not. >> darya: the before there was a city bus there to handle people you said there were about 20 people so for some of them there was no damage or are they all out? >> their homes are fine, it looks like these homes are the ones that are predominately damaged. another home on the other side of the street was damaged on the back part. but it's not like they cannot live there. the fire the harm in trying to pull out some of the materials inside the home as a part of their investigation. the fire department will be there for most of the day to make sure that the process the scene. also the red
6:35 am
cross is here even though they believe that most of the homeowners if not all of them have homeowners insurance so they will not need any lodging but just in case if they do, the red cross is here to help. >> mark: another developing story we're following the police and school officials are moving in that lake view elementary school that is where the parents have been holding a sit-in protest since june 15th. the parents are upset of the school's closing down. jackie sizzle has been on the scene since this started what have you learned? >> good morning i'm of the lake view elementary school. i can see that people are continuing to gather their belongings. they have been here for almost 18 days protesting school closures and open. --they have been protesting the school closure in oakland. 15 to 20
6:36 am
people were in some of the school and most of them agreed to start gathering their belongings and leave. about 10 minutes ago i found out that two people decided to go ahead and be arrested. those two people have been taken into custody. the charges will be trespassing i'm not sure if they will actually be arrested. almost immediately afterwards, the custodial crews from the oakland school district moved in and took down the banners that were up since the protests. i am told there's not much in the way of damage in time of the school right now obviously they want to get inside that school to see what they need to do. the will to turn this building into an administrative office before the start of the 2012 school year. right now most of the police have left, protesters are still on site gathering of belongings but only two
6:37 am
people were arrested. >> mark: considering that these were parents of schoolchildren protesting the closure it seems like there was a big police presence. >> there was a really big police presence on five this morning. obviously we have seen this before with the occupied protest the idea is to come in with an overwhelming presence to let them know that they mean business. like i said for the most part everyone agreed except for the two protesters. >> mark: this is all part of the oakland unified plan to close down for schools in the area. >> darya: nurses that work that bay area hospitals operated by sutter health are planning to walk off the job in less than one hour. it is expected to affect 35 hundreds to nurses and exit
6:38 am
the technicians. this is the fifth strike organized by the union since september. >> mark: we have a quick break until the kron4 morning news continues. we have a lighter fog than yesterday and temperatures will warm up a few more degrees this afternoon. building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone.
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>> justine: a new study just came out showing that the high-tech system that you have your car might actually save you money. they found that cars that automatically warn drivers about potential collisions in front of them had fewer accidents. and when they had that frontal collision
6:42 am
warning system and actually got in a crash the property damage liability claim was 14 percent lower. and also for the adapted head lice that shift direction as the driver start to steer, those prove to pay off the study suggested that not every high-tech gadgets actually helps. it says that insurance claims went up slightly for cars that have devices that warn you when you were drifting in and out of your lane. that was just in to the kron4 newsroom, we will be right back.
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>> darya: welcome back, none of the 100 firefighters fought a big fire. this is out of san francisco nearly 3:00 a.m. in effect a few buildings and at least 20 people were displaced by the fire one person was also taken into custody. police and school officials moved in around 4:00 a.m. at lake
6:46 am
view elementary school in open where parents had been holding a sit-in to protest the closure of the school that their kids go to. they are very upset about it. most of the protesters have left peacefully but two of them were arrested. pg&e wants to raise electricity rates by as much as $12 per month to pay for upgrade to the gas and electricity systems. they say this plan will hike of rates by $2 billion of rental of three eaters. >> mark: our financial expert robert black we are watching the dow is up a very small fraction of a point. the s&p and nasdaq are up. now rob black we are parking cars--talking cars. >> would hurt us during the recession two years and three years ago is actually helping us right now. the
6:47 am
only thing the number at home people--the only member people need to remember at home is a 14 million car sales. and wonderful time to read at 17 million the new normal is about 14 million we want to be slightly above that. i do not know who is buying new cars because i think the bomb production falling off my car right now but that said this is adding to the gdp. >> mark: now seems like american cars are older than they were before. and it seems that it is a good time to buy a car right now. >> the new cars are bad investments and two years old new.
6:48 am
>> mark: what about leasing? >> it is horrible unless it is tied to your business and then it is a huge write-off. >> mark: what else to we have going on today? >> this fourth of july the average american will spend about $176 that is down from last year which was about $200 the biggest expense is a beer. so is basically a holiday for but riser--it is the biggest holiday for budweiser. and do not forget do not drive trucks. --do not drive drunk. and remember that 20 percent of the flags that we waive and america are made in china.
6:49 am
>> now understand that beer and wine investments are very good. think of the year is an investment it is a fan and a good economy but in the bad economy and can accumulate slowly. >> mark: microsoft has to write off $6 billion what does that mean? >> that purchased a country that had about 2000 employees and no physical assets they're basically writing them off. this is just an example here with a great company in the '80s, a really good company in the '90s and they have never gotten their act together. they have been following google and facebook. they are relevant because they have been selling a lot of windows. but this shows that
6:50 am
the seal does not have a good road map. >> mark: the one that apple could go the way of microsoft intend to 20 years? >> so far apple i like their ecology system i am not worried yet because i think apple has more legs that they can develop. >> mark: thank you for joining us and happy fourth of july. >> darya: we want to get a look at the weather. this is a make it or break it forecast. >> james: a lot of people have plans hinging on what we will touchn you here, ado is going to be great tow will take all the suspense out pretty quickly. --we will take all the suspense out really quickly. let us go through at 9:00 a.m. we are looking for a mostly
6:51 am
clear skies. we have a good mixture of '50s and '60s and antioch, mid-50s in the south bay and here's the picture right now. what about later this afternoon we fast forward to noon. we're looking for light winds and plea of sunshine temperatures are dominated by '70s. you're looking for cooler temperatures along the coast. we have 70 degree weather with some 80's inland as we advance about 3:00 p.m. the hottest time of the day is in the central valley in starting to bleed out towards the delta and the central valley. we think those areas could touch the 90 degree mark. but as the quick look at the temperatures that we are expecting, it is out the east where we will be the warmest right up there and 90 degrees, down in the south bay it is a pretty good mixture of mid to upper
6:52 am
80s. there will be the same forecast that we have. we are looking for a 70 degree weather. >> james: take a quick look at your seven day around the bay forecast we are looking for nine degrees and then this is going to be a nice one on the delta a few have been planted as quantity a beautiful day with a lot of sunshine for you mid to upper '70's may be even some 80's. it is beautiful it is going to be of a bit cloudy and then it will clear out. we have a nice sunny afternoon and then the fall will start to reform along the coastline the let us hope that we can get some decent visibility before the fireworks, and in the overnight hours. moving on
6:53 am
to traffic. >> george: for those of you driving will be in light of unusual traffic we are now looking for any hot spots but it is a nice ride around the bay area let us start with a bridge check at the bay bridge toll plaza. there's no back up or delay, your san mateo bridge ride looks good. we are delay free in the westbound direction with a 13 minute drive time in the golden gate bridge commute looked good with no delays. now over to the traffic map civilities they ride. we do not have a bad commute.
6:54 am
>> darya: we will be back in a couple minutes for we are live on the scene of a fire the embers could be seen from miles away. one person was taken into custody there are 20 people displaced in we will be right back. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight.
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only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> erica: will come back to the kron4 morning news here are three stories i picked out that everyone is talking about. today is tom cruise is 50th birthday but he and his wife are slipping and katie is asking for full custody of their daughter. according to espn there is a trade in place that may send the white house or to brooklyn.
6:58 am
>> erica: accra fastrak--a cash track high school is offering itself up for sale each day they want to help off upset steep budget cuts. >> erica: if you want to talk about what is trending you can visit my facebook fan page, now we have to you can visit my facebook fan page, now we have to take ask me how i've never slept better. [ male announcer ] why not talk to one of the six million people who've switched to the most highly recommended bed in america? ask me about my tempur-pedic. [ male announcer ] now through july 8th is the perfect time to buy. save up to $200 during our mattress set savings event and up to $600 on tempur-cloud supreme. also get 0% apr financing with up to 5 years to pay on qualified purchases. to learn more, visit don't wait. these offers end july 8th. tempur-pedic -- the most highly recommended bed in america.
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